Star Struck(Totally Lucy) - by Kelly McKain (eBooks, ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

Star Struck(Totally Lucy) by Kelly McKain

  • Author's Name: Kelly McKain
  • Title: Star Struck(Totally Lucy)
  • Number of Pages: 9780746070611
  • Published:
  • Language:
  • Hardcover: 9780746070611
  • ISBN10:
  • ISBN13:
  • Book's Rating: 9
  • Format: iBook, RTF, FB2, MOBI, DJVU, ePub, DOC, TXT, PDF
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About this Book

Lucy and her friends, Jules and Tilda, answer an ad in a local paper calling for extras to appear in a new film. Once they are choosen, Jules and Tilda try desperately to get their photo taken with the films star whilst Lucy decides its a great opportunity to get her dress designs noticed.

But will the director see it that way?

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