Godchild, Volume 05(Godchild 5) by Kaori Yuki

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  • Author/Writer: Kaori Yuki
  • Original Title: Godchild, Volume 05(Godchild 5)
  • Category of Ebook:
  • Number of Pages: 9781421510156
  • Date of Publication:
  • Language of Book:
  • Hardcover: 9781421510156
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  • Book Stars: 6
  • Ebook Format: iBook, RTF, FB2, MOBI, DJVU, ePub, DOC, TXT, PDF
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Cain crosses a high official of the secret society of DELILAH when he attempts to stop a massacre of socialites at the lushly restored Crimone Gardens. And later, an old nursery rhyme plays out to eerie perfection during a fateful carriage ride in the sinister Solomon Grundys Sunday.

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